Don't drop your SX50. It's expensive. :-)

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Re: Don't drop your SX50. It's expensive. :-)
camera cost me about £250 (after Canon Cashback) before Christmas.

Very good price -- where was that?

I got lucky. It was reduced to about 300 in the Amazon Christmas deals, and had £50 Canon cashback on top of that. That was what finally tempted me to buy one, because I suspected I would be unhappy with the EVF quality.

I was right, but to be fair to Canon they have given you enough onscreen information to allow you to be fairly confident of the focus. You soon learn to trust it, and the rear screen can soon confirm

Ironic that I like the FZ200 because it feels so like my old Fuji S6500 ... but get the impression that the present range Fuji super-zooms may be a mess of headaches worth avoiding.

Getting a camera in this class is always hard work. You just have to decide which features you hate least. Fuji cameras are always on my shortlist, but never seem to make the cut. But I'd love to have an excuse to buy one.

If I have to replace the SX50 the FZ200 is still top of the list, but the price is stubbornly high. I definitely couldn't afford to drop that!

Maybe I'll just step away from superzooms again for a while. The SX50 was making me lazy, and although I took some lovely pictures with it, when I got home and processed the keepers I always found myself wishing I'd had my 40D with me. The SX50 is a wonderful jack-of-all-trades camera, but there's nothing worse than wondering "what if?"

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