Most Compact 1.4 Lenses (with Adapter Included)?

Started Apr 12, 2013 | Discussions thread
wb2trf Veteran Member • Posts: 3,035
Yep, my mistake

I wasn't alert to your discussing possible future FF Nex's. Sorry.

Re prices for Pen F lenses, and all older lenses for that matter, pricing is a combination of quality and rarity, with rarity being a significant factor, maybe without adequate justification.  For example, although I think that the 40mm 1.4 IQ is worth every penny of its relatively high price among  MF lenses of that era, the 70mm f2, which sells for twice what the 40mm 1.4 goes for, typically, is not as good as my Canon FDn 85mm 1.8.  However the Pen F 70 commands at least 4x the price of the Canon 85mm 1.8.  Granted it is lighter and somewhat smaller, but it is not better IQ.   There is a somewhat similar relationship between the 8-element 50mm 1.4 Takumar and the later 7-element, with the rarer 8 going for 2x the 7.  Is it better?  Not much if at all.  Maybe a little sharper but the bokeh on the 7 may edge it.  Both have wonderful handling.

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