OMD severe flash exposure problem

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Re: OMD severe flash exposure problem

rrr_hhh wrote:

Alumna Gorp wrote:

With the OMD you can set the spot meter point to focus point, not sure how its done though.

found it

No I don't think so, he is mistaken or didn't explain what he did to get it clearly : I have my camera set to separate AFL from AEL and use mode three, with AFL on the Rec button and AEL on half pressure and the magnifier on Fn2. This is my preferred way of focusing, so i know how it works quite well and this doesn't tie the spot meter to the AF target : you can move the AF target freely, but the spotmeter target remains in the center of the frame; it doesn't move around with the AF target and remains separated. I just tested it again to be sure. The only exception I know is when you are using face detection : when a face is detected the camera switch to spot metering and meter from the face. Using touch focus and shoot however won't tie both targets together either.

Note that the center weighting method may work differently than the spot metering mode; it is more tricky to test because more subtle and I didn't test it. I don't think it will make a difference for the ESP / matrix mode since the whole screen is used (395 points !).

The possibility to tie the spot meter target to the AF target is part of a request improvement often made to Olympus, along with the size of the AF target in normal non magnified mode and the possibility to have the Mysets accessible on the mode dial (those two last requests were heard and are now present on the E-Pl5).

By the way I think that when you activate AEL, it will lock the flash power too, aka in flash mode we lock AE and FE together. You can set the flash exposure compensation and the ambient light exposure compensation to work independently, so indirectly you can get FEL too if you want (aka you can lock the ambient light and flash light ratio).

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Yes I agree not tried linking the two, I just remembered about reading it somewhere, then went and found it and I`ve never used face recognition.

There is quite a bit of difference between the OMD and GF2, on average I`d say my OMD is maybe a few tenths of a stop under and my GF2 a couple of tenths of a stop over, side by side it looks a lot.

But in the real world its nothing, each and every camera brand is calibrated slightly different.

I can remember my 10D and 300D having a tendency to over expose very slightly.

That`s why in the studio we calibrate flash meters to the body and lens were using.

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