Does M4/3 or DSLR produce higher quality photo's

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Re: Does M4/3 or DSLR produce higher quality photo's

If the size and weight of the system doesn't bother you then get a dslr, preferably full frame. They will deliver better images in certain situations involving tough focus or tough lighting. all systems involve compromise and a balance between cost, size and weight, features, system strength. For me m43 has the image quality that is sufficient for the vast majority of situations I find myself in - especially with the power of modern software to clean up my blunders.

For most, including me, the quality and cost of the gear, at least between m43 and dslr, is not the deciding factor in how the shot comes out.

A good line for me is the tripod. If I'm prepared to lug a tripod along to take a photo, then the dslr is probably the best choice. If I'm not then the OMD wins the day.

If you are someone who doesn't make extensive use of a tripod, or who doesn't shoot in situations requiring the ability to focus on moving subjects, then m43 is "good enough".

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