Is a D800 worth $6k?

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It's a weird question.

Look at it from the other perspective:  your wife announces one night that she'd really like to have $3000 to spend on a trip to Europe (or whatever).  Your eyes light up.  You see your chance:   "Sure, honey ... if I can have a D800!"  Mwa ha ha!  >:-}

Then your wife goes and asks her girlfriends if they think her trip is worth a whole $6000.  Isn't that trivializing or even totally negating the value of any enjoyment you would get out of your camera?

I don't know.  I think I understand what you're asking, but it just struck me as a weird way to pose the question.

It seems like what you're really trying to say here is that even 3000 smackers is a big chunk of dough, and now --ack!-- it's suddenly become double that, and you're a little worried about what it'll do to the family finances if you spend all that money at once.

If you really do want the camera, maybe you should tell your wife your concerns, and then try and cut a deal where you get your D800 this year, and she gets her $3000 next year.  Or maybe you could break it up a little and say a thousand this year and two thousand next year for her, or whatever.  Then you have to make sure she really gets it!!  Even if it means selling a lens or something.

At any rate, the camera costs $3000, NOT $6000.  Only you can decide whether it's worth that much money to you.


Blindman wrote:

Mentioned to my wife several days ago that I'd like to upgrade my D7000 to a D800 which led to the "how much is it" question. To my amazement she said sure, but I get the same amount "no strings attached". So the question is if the D800 is worth $6,000 to upgrade from a D7000 that I have been very happy with. I have a decent assortment on FX lens so that won't be an issue. Mainly shoot wildlife and sports.

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