Any reason to shoot film nowadays?

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olliess wrote:

You just listed a bunch of reasons why other people shoot film, dismissed them as "meagre," then asked the same question again.

Seems like a waste of everyone's time. Go take some pictures or somethin'.

Quite the contrary; I see them as perfectly valid reasons to stick with film (for some people). I am wondering whether there is anything else, which is why I probed further.

I have been away from the forums for some time before my latest outburst, so I enjoy the discussion, thank you

I wanted to probe deeper to see if anything else comes out.

And of course I will offer my own OPINIONS on these reasons. If I offended anyone, that's not my intent. The "masochist" comment was meant tongue-in-cheek too. I can perfectly accept people wanting to choose film, but to me personally, these are outweighed 1,000-fold by the benefits of digital in nearly all cases, from "spray and pray" sports shooting to teaching photography without the burdens of yesteryear.

Can you imagine if digital existed before film and film cameras were intoduced now, and the first film camera, let's call it, the Nikon Dino, were introduced today?

Can you imagine it surviving? Without all the nostalgia and whatever else associated with film? I can see the DPR review going something like this:

DPR review:
"After 8 years of intensive development, Nikon have finally revealed what we've all been waiting for: the new Nikon Dino.
This is the first camera based on a new concept called film.
Nikon marketing tells us that customers have been crying out for delayed gratification and inflexible strips of film making a permanent impression on photosensitive material.
Customers have been telling them that digital is too cheap, convenient and 'pedestrian' resulting in more careless pictures at little to no cost, resulting in more shutter activity and cameras that die early. They've been saying they've had it with digital and would like to separate their work from the crowd, and are willing to pay through the nose for this privilege.

Film comes with these much-desired limitations. Film comes in rolls, each with a fixed amount of pictures. Each picture makes a permanent impression on the photosensitive material chemically. You cannot delete pictures off the photosensitive material once you take a photo like you can with digital, but Nikon marketing are really pushing the 'film look' , emphasizing the importance of photography by making things permanent and hoping this will attract the masses. There are also huge battery life gains. Critics of film are telling us that it's just another way of Nikon to make money from photographers, seeing that digital has become so cheap, but Nikon tells us enthusiasts are delighted to be separated from the herd of 'cheap' masses.

Film costs are currently high. On top of this you'll have to pay for processing the images too; each roll of film needs to be processed by a third-party before you can properly view your pictures. We expect prices to drop as development ramps up, but Nikon reassuringly tells us that film will never get too cheap. The pictures have a slightly different look about them and the DPR staff are at odds as to whether this is a genuine step forward, particularly considering the high cost of film and processing. With film, you do have the option to do the photo processing at home - like digital - if you buy chemicals to develop the images yourself. However, sports shooters may be out of luck as they have to change rolls of film after each high-speed capture.

Read on to find out about these exciting new film technology as we review the new Nikon Dino, the first camera of its kind, hoping to thrust photography into an exciting new era of high cost, inconvenience and permanence that people have been asking for, in addition to countering the "too cheap and convenient" image of digital.

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