Which 27'' screen to buy

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Eric Carlson
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Low res (1920 x 1080) or High res (2560 x 1440)?

Low res (1920 x 1080) or High res (2560 x 1440)?

I have the $400 High Res Auria 27" IPS monitor form Micro Center, but I don't use it for photo editing, so you'll have to find out from others how it is for that purpose (I assume it's decent).

The pixels are very tiny, but you sure can fit a lot of stuff on the screen, and view images in fine detail. The low res 27" monitors have very large pixels (compares to most computer monitors), but some people prefer that for text and such, because everything is larger. Though, obviously you can't fit as much on the screen, and photos are not as fine detailed.

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