Feedback requested. Warning: pictures of kids.

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Re: Feedback requested. Warning: pictures of kids.

Hi Joe,
I think you have a promising eye.  IMO, your photos are emotionally evocative, but they're compromised by by some technical errors.  Here are my reactions:

Girls on Bench: This one seems most like a family snapshot, and not knowing the kids, it's the least interesting of the set for me.  If it were mine, I would crop it about 50% (from about waist/knee level to below the horizontal rail and shoulder to shoulder) to put more emphasis on the girls' expressions.  That their feet aren't complete in the original doesn't bother me.

Art Display: I like it as part of the set, but the composition doesn't quite work for me.  I'm sorry I can't say why or offer a suggestion for improvement-- I struggle with composition myself.  I think perhaps if the table weren't cut off just at its edge, the photo would work better... perhaps the same issue exists for the top swag... not sure.

In the Bath: A very sweet moment, and I think the composition works but neither face is in focus.

Butterfly Girl: Another very sweet moment, and it would be a terrific portrait if her eyes were in focus.

Pedal Car: Also an emotionally evocative photo, but again the subject is out of focus.

House: works for me.

I like these photos-- they're better than most family snaps.  Once the technical stuff is under your belt, you'll produce some very fine photographs.

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