D7100 substantially better AF than D7000??

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jsut helping

Gene Goodman wrote:

All fine tune tests done with AF-s single point using either a  typical fine tune chart,  or on a well defined flat subject and then varying fine tune amounts to see which were sharper.  Typically I take about 4 shots/test,  2 starting focus further out, then 2 starting with focus on the closer side.   I did sent the camera back to Nikon  -  on first "repair" the did say they replaced a part,  2nd time was just adjusted.  most shots at 1/320 sec exposure and all in similar lighting.  Done many times with a number of diff lens.  Pls note I am not bashing the camera,  in all other respects I am a happy camper, just wondering if D7100 will be particulary better  -  as you said, D7100,  for  you,  is better, but not by a great amount.

Thanks Mako


Never thought any bashing going on at all. Just hoping to help in some way. Be sure you're not using slanted charts. They can ruin everything. Horshack's DotTune method is amazingly accurate and a good cross check as well.

DotTune Video

I thought the D7100 to be very good. It's build quality seemed just a tad better as well and I found it fit my hand better. Small things make a world of difference. Sell the D7K and Buy the D7100 and it's not that costly.

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