Is a D800 worth $6k?

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Re: Is a D800 worth $6k?

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Mentioned to my wife several days ago that I'd like to upgrade my D7000 to a D800 which led to the "how much is it" question. To my amazement she said sure, but I get the same amount "no strings attached". So the question is if the D800 is worth $6,000 to upgrade from a D7000 that I have been very happy with. I have a decent assortment on FX lens so that won't be an issue. Mainly shoot wildlife and sports.

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I think your wife is asking you what's the best thing the two of you could do with $6,000? Note that holding on to it for use down the road is definitely an option.


Fair comment, but then who knows, a neighbor of mine has, in the past three years or so, mind gone...with his 60's, wife still full faculties.

Some of the rest of us, don't even know if there WILL be a 'down the road'.

Live a little, go for the camera. Not as if its a 12,000 Harley or a 42,000 Porsche. And even then, if one could afford it.....

No one promised any of us tomorrow.

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Enjoy.....believe in yourself..

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