Fuji X100s: Sunset at Laguna Beach, CA

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Re: Fuji X100s: Sunset at Laguna Beach, CA

Funduro wrote:

I should have said the camera sensor and the wave line were not parallel. So DOF would explain the out of focus you mentioned. Some people aim for this thing called "hyper focus" to get maximum DOF.  I too have a X100, Fuji put an awesome lens into the X100/S.

I can't give all the reason, but film gave consisteant results Vs. Sensor. In other words film cameras have shutter speed, aperture, iso, bracketing dials and that's it, digital cameras have huge menus that deal with all the differences sensor introduced.

I have work in diagnostic imaging over two decades plus hobby film, slides and actual BW darkroom. Digital imaging "x-day" have introduced a bunch of new issues that can cause bad images. Different  HW and SW will give differnt issues and results. Fuji's sensors & SW In the X100 and X100S prove my point. Not saying this image results are because of it, this is more like a DOF limitation plus the subject(wave)motion. I study other photographers and my own images(pictures you hold) and try to gain knowlege from them. I'm a very technically oriented person, not trying to be a teacher or control freak by this followup reply.

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FYI avatar image is by Steve McCurry

What you are saying makes sense to me.

I also noticed that the focal plane was on the person and not the waves and it looks very sharp all across (on the sand), so I guess it´s good focussing.

Thanks for your input!

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