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Comparison at high ISO (6400)

123Mike wrote:

Where is the evidence for this? You're making these claims, but what I always say: that which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.

Imaging Resource studio shots. Less smearing in the red channel, a hair less noise, but above all better detail retention and less artifacts at higher ISO's.

I was not aware that the imaging resource Comparometer included the A58. So I went to take a look. First thing I checked, Still-life 1600. I'm seeing the A58 resolving more detail in some parts and less detail in other parts. I'm seeing more noise from the A58.

This isn't the result of focusing, this is red channel NR:

And noise:

And based on the corresponding RAW files from the same set, I don't think the center of the jpegs (the corners and edges often do show inconsistencies) shows a focusing or lens issue regarding detail:

Because the RAW files converted with the same Lightroom engine, show a similar focus point at the same output size:

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