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Re: Has it ever occurred to anyone......

If only ... the world was a nice simple place where there were photographers who wanted to take pictures, and engineers dedicated to making great cameras so that they could take great pictures ... Sorry guys, it ain't like that. In between the engineers and the photographers are the Marketing People. And others. The people who all those years ago looked at the D40 which the engineers had proudly produced, and said "Great. No point in building any more high-end compacts". So, after the Coolpix 8400/8700/8800, for years the only compacts Nikon made were rubbish low end ones.  When Nikon returned to the fray, you might ask why Nikon put out  the so slow P7000. It didn't matter to the marketing people, because in due course they would put out the decently fast P7100. Are you, like me, a bit puzzled why the P7700 has no viewfinder? Likewise the Nikon A has no viewfinder? Could it be so that at some point they can put out a "new" model with a viewfinder?

There are other areas. My first digicam was a Coolpix 800, bought in 2000. Great camera, only 2M mp but produced great pics, I have some printed at A4 on my walls. Above all, it had superb natural color. It sat in my rucksack pocket and used mainly for landscapes. It's still working fine. But in 2005 I decided to "upgrade" to a Coolpix 8400. Horribly oversaturated colors (default).  Somebody, I bet not an engineer, had decided that that's what people wanted. I played around with the settings, and finally got the thing working properly, after which it occupied my rucksack pocket.

Same sort of thing with DSLRs. I gave up using my film cameras in favour of a D80. It got rave reviews when it came out for what it offered at the price it cost. But it was quirky, and the colors were odd; sometimes I had great results, other times awful. I asked a Nikon support person about it once. He rambled on about how you checked the result on the monitor then tried adjusting this or that. Load of rubbish! A good camera should produce decent results straight off, irrespective of whether you want to play around to get something different. I bet the D90 was a lot better, now I wonder why! Finally I ditched the D80 and bought a D3100. Great camera! Concentrates on the basics and gets them right, handles like a dream. A few tweaks and I was getting color just like the Coolpix 800. With the 16-85 on the front the pics are just what I want.

Moral is, what the Nikon engineers are working on, what they can produce, is irrelevant. Only a small amount makes it to market, and what form it comes in, what it has and what it hasn't, is decided by the Marketing People. The Nikon 1 is a Marketing Person's camera.

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