Feedback requested. Warning: pictures of kids.

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Re: Feedback requested. Warning: pictures of kids.

Hiya Joe

Some nice pix here -- mostly with minimal stuff required to make them even better (TO MY EYE!).

We should bear in mind, however, that these are record shots so have their own value as such regardless of the niceties of composition.

Looking at your pix, I'm thinking you’re handling the wide angle of view of the 12 very well -- using it constructively but not going over the top with it.

JoeNapa wrote:

These are just some pictures of my home and family that I took with my new Em-5 and 12mm lens.  Thanks, Joe.

Love it. Great capture of the two kids being kids. The sky above the fence is pretty useless -- it doesn’t add anything to the pic. I would suggest you point the camera down just a little to eliminate a bit of the sky and get the complete feet in. Don't point down too much, though -- as it stands, the girls' eyes and waists are pretty much on the third lines and you don’t want to break that up. Maybe also bend the knees (yours!) a little to shoot from a slightly lower viewpoint to get the feet in but avoid losing that "on the thirds" feature. Maybe close down a stop too for a little more sharpness in the shoes (but clearly it is not the brightest day).

I wuld have been tempted to move the table and chairs a little to the right to get them completely into the picture. In addition, just swaying back slightly would have got the top right drawing and the lower right wall painting (LOL) into the picture a little more. But not too much. As it is, you have a nice diagonal eye line running from top right to lower left. Don't want to lost that. I might be tempted to fiddle with the hanging pix. The lower second from right might so on the left of that line when you moved the table towards the center.

Lovely! This is going to be a family keepsake! Maybe a higher ISO and taking advantage of the IBIS (you do have the OMD after all!) would allow you to stop down a bit to get the rear girl in sharper focus.

Love it! The wide angle distortion works fine here. Another family keeper that is going to amuse generations.

The more I look at this picture, the more I see the disembodied legs and feet hanging in the air! Keep it as a trick photo but edit out the legs for general viewing. One trick Ive developed over the years ios to get adults down to child level, squatting or sitting, or bringing the kids up to their level. Not always possible or desirable, however. Just getting them to back out of the pic is often better -- and out meeans a long way to the side with the angle of view you have here..

Doesn’t do anything for me at all, but it will be a valuable hot in 20 years' time, I expect. To get a better record of the house, try going in closer to about the footpath (sidewalk?) and stand on a small ladder so you can get the whole house in without tilting the camera.

Hope this heops! 

Cheers, geoff

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