The price of the SD1M is still way too high!

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Re: What choice do you have?

Wow! So much hatred towards Sigma. I'd be scared to be your enemy.

DaSigmaGuy wrote:

Marty4650 wrote:

If you want a modern DSLR with a Foveon sensor then you have absolutely no other option.

This is a unique product, and as such can command whatever the traffic will bear. Sigma tried to sell them for $8,000 but even the Foveon Cult fanatics wouldn't pay that price. They slashed 75% off the price, and there is still some price resistance.

Of course not.  Sigma is obviously sailing under the ridiculous assumption that with the SD1M they have a pro level camera on their hands, but they totally fail to give it the high specs that pros need, and indeed expect, these days given the excellent pro camera offerings they can already get from Nikon or Canon.  And what is even worse, Sigma cannot, and does not, offer the slightest form of pro support whatsoever!  Only a pro who is a complete and utter imbecile would consider buying one!!

In fact Sigma are so delusional they even tried to market it at the same price as Pentax 645D!  However, its possible that their totally irrational pricing strategy may simply have been down to drinking too much "Eau de Daichii".  That would have certainly fried their brains enough to explain their loony toon business behaviour.

Ask yourself... why should Sigma sell this camera for any less than they have to?

Because historically, they always have done!  Sigma has never made any real profit from selling cameras and indeed they are so embarrassed with their own camera offerings that they don't even like to claim themselves to be a camera maker!...For instance, you will almost never see an SD1M advert anywhere!   All you will see is a few very poorly executed Sigma lens ads, in just a tiny handful of the multitude of photography magazines that now infest the supermarket shelves.  Ads that contain photos taken by so called pros but that are so dull they invariably fail to catch the eye and that were never even taken with a Sigma camera!  Sigma has always been a lens maker, and its obvious that's how they continue to see themselves...They only play at making cameras, completely at the whim of whoever is in charge.

Even at it's current reduced price, there probably isn't much profit in it for them, because the volume is so low. All their R&D expenses have to be spread over fewer units. If it were a Nikon or Canon high end camera, then the R&D cost might be a few "dollars" per unit... rather than a few "hundreds of dollars."

Sigma's R&D is funded entirely through their lens sales...The camera side of the business is a tiny sideline, run completely under the whim of the CEO and it has always consumed profits rather than make any.  Which is why they have always had a "its not that good but it will have to do do because its cheap and all we can afford" attidude to how they engineer their cameras.  You could say they are the British Leyland of camera makers, and look what happened to them!

Fortunately, Sigma does make quite a few good lenses with their own Sigma lens mount, but like everyone else, their best lenses aren't their cheapest ones. The SD1 just isn't a good choice for a hobbyist on a budget.

The SD1M isn't even a good choice for a well off pro!

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