Feedback requested. Warning: pictures of kids.

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Re: Feedback requested. Warning: pictures of kids.

s_grins wrote:

I Like kids. I do not likes most of the photos.  Most of them are excellent for home use, but not for going public.

About the very last shot of the house: why didn't you do it in color? It looks empty, haunted, and condemned...

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Looking for equilibrium...

I would say rather that the appeal of all but the last photo is primarily personal. Those that can't share the personal appeal of those photos can only appraise the images' aesthetics. You need to be sensitive to that dichotomy, especially with regard to your audience. The two realms are often have nothing to do with each other.

I agree with s_grins that the house looks haunted and condemned. Further I'll add, that the scene conveys a powerful sense of foreboding.  Both the black & white presentation and the power lines in the picture contribute to that effect. Good job.


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