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Mostly i will go with i7 extreme processor, i have 3 options but i may go with the cheapest of the 3 instead going with the most expensive one if it will be overkill and i don't need to waste that much money, so this processor will not be a difficult decision anyway.

The i7 Extreme Edition (6-core i7) is by far the most expensive Core i7 CPU, so when you say that you may go with the "cheapest" one because you don't need to waste money, you're kind of contradicting yourself here.  If your priority is saving money and you do not know how much the Extreme Edition would be better, you should be going with a quad-core CPU.

Ok, the 3 options are:




The first one is about $570, so it is sure expensive, but the last 2 are over $1000 slightly, so it is like 3930 model is around the half price, this is the cheaper of the three anyway.

i7-3770K is around $330, that is about $240 cheaper than i7-3930K, for many it is a huge differnce or savings, but for me it is not a big deal, if that i7-3770K is much better than i7-3930K then i will forget i7-39xx model and go with i7-3770K, but why those i7-39xx model too much overpriced? What is the reason of that high price?

Tareq, it is quite easy to do research on the Web that will explain the differences between these processors. It comes down to (1) number of cores; (2) amount of L3 Cache (on-chip memory); (3) I/O channels. If you want even more of all of these features, look at the Intel Xeon processors. You can spend several thousand dollars on one of those.

None of this is "better" (a word you are using a lot). More power is not necessarily better (in life as well as in computers). Get what you need. In my opinion, the i7-39xx processors are way overkill for you. They are designed for multi-tasking workstations and servers. Get an i7-37xx.

What is "better" however is a good power supply (80 Plus Gold, Platinum or Titanium), sized to your load and no more (avoid 80 Plus and 80 Plus Bronze which are the lowest grades). Otherwise you will just generate a lot of useless heat that ages all the components and you will have to put in a cooling system. I have an i7-3770 system with 16 GB RAM, SSD and HDD. It is wicked fast and the whole thing dissipates less than 100W off an 80 Plus Gold 250W power supply. There is one tiny processor fan and one small enclosure fan that never run up enough to be audible. Sometimes, smaller is better.

I am really worry it is the issue of budget, because many many don't go with expensive choice even if they dream about it, same with cameras and lenses and something else.

I am that kind of guy who want to spend once even too much or expensive than put something and keep updating later on again and again, i did buy many Canon cameras until i find myself that i only use 1 or 2 Top of the line cameras of Canon, so if i went with top line from beginning then i may save more than buying several bodies from entry level to advanced and finally pro level, so i don't want to spend on say best value/price choices to build a PC and later on when i have huge or extensive load of apps and works with any different kind of files then i need to upgrade this and that, and also my point is if i have an overkill tools of anything is making my life much easier and i never look back to a tool that is amazing until 80% and after that i must choose something else or spend again to extend and increase the limitation of the tool i have, i know saving money is always a nice thing people want to do, but i also look for very long term time on the things i have, who knows after 3-5 years what else will be there that will make i7-3770K going from overkill or adequate to a normal average processor and then i have to go with more powerful one, so if feel if i have 3 options of choices i try to go with either first or second choice mostly so it will last much longer with cheaper or third choice even if that third choice will do the job for a while, i have my 1D mk3 did a job first time i bought it, but now after 3 years, all my friends who are working in the press and shooting everyday with it complaining that it is a bad camera, later 1D4 camera and then 1DX now, i was lucky to go with 1DX and didn't upgrade my 1D3 to 1D4 earlier when it was available, now with 1DX i can be shooting for next 5-6 years without thinking to upgrade very soon in 1-2 years with new Canon flashguns they will produce soon.

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