GPS tagging in China

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Re: GPS tagging in China

A few posts accurately represented what happens because they physically observed it instead of all the other posts that were assumptions or just political BS talk.  I go there every few months and have for the last 10 years.  GPS works fine there and it has nothing to do with any hi-tech GPS scrambling.  Your phone or camera does record the proper GPS coordinates so that data is accurate.

The mapping software "you select to use" may or may not place you in exactly the right position on "their displayed map".  That does have to do with an influence from PRC to the map providers "outside china" like Google or Apple.  When Goetagging my photos I often would say that isn't where I was walking during that series of pictures and then on the map I would quickly see the park or lake or whatever I was walking around was about 200 Yds up and over on the map.  Simple fix, it is just a linear offset for that map but remember, the GPS coordinates are accurate, its the Map that is offset.  Other maps work fine.

I was pleased to see that the Mapping function in Lightroom 4 is recording the locations properly on the overlay map so no tinkering with the offset is needed to review my favorite sightseeing locations.


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