New Lowepro bag - Photo Sport Pro 30L AW ?

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Re: New Lowepro bag - Photo Sport Pro 30L AW ?

mosswings wrote:

Sh4d0w wrote:

I've been looking for a bag for my 100-400L for a while and just happened to run into this in a store today, was surprised since I hadn't seen it online at all.

I've posted a bunch of pictures if anyone wants to get a better idea of how much it'll hold. It seems like a pretty good fit for someone who liked the photo sport 200 but has longer lenses.

Thanks very much, this answers a lot of my questions about how you'd store the rest of your kit.  Those of us who are not carrying a big long lens could easily put a mid-zoom or even a 70-300 on the camera and bury a short zoom or prime at the bottom, with a lot of space left over for a 3rd lens and accessories on the side. Basically, a Pro-oriented 200 AW as you state.

Questions for you if you wouldn't mind:

You've a 7D; for a D7100 or similar mid-sized body, can the module be cinched down to securely hold the camera?  And if so, is is possible to access the freed space between the module and the shell of the bag for other items? (The 200 AW allows you to stuff around the camera module)

Yes, it works the same way like the 200AW here with the draw straps around the camera module. You could probably put some other stuff around it, but I'm not sure what you'd want to put there...

How tall is the bag? If you could list off the dimensional specifications from your product tag that would be great...even LowePro is behind here.  The 200AW is pretty short and not well-suited for a 14 mile hike well loaded, especially if you're taller. If this thing offers about 20-22 liters of personal space it would be about right.

13.0W x 9.4D x 19.3H

The packing pillow that came in the top area is 14x12 if that helps.

How do you find the hipbelt?  More solid than the 200AW, or just as wimpy?

I haven't actually used the 200aw asides from a brief play in the store and I don't recall how it was. This one pretty light and not padded or anything like some heavier hiking bags, but its quite comfortable in my quick tests. The left one has a zipper compartment too.

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