How do I explain this to Nikon....

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Re: How do I explain this to Nikon....

coronawithlime wrote:

WIMorrison wrote:

if the technique is consistent then you would have a single value for all lenses on the d800, different from the d300, but certainly the same across all lenses.

It's been my observation from reading posts on this forum that different lenses may, and within my limited personal experience are likely to, require different autofocus correction values.

It strikes me as reasonable that this is the reason the camera accepts different auto focus correction values for each lens, rather than only one default auto focus correction value to be applied to all lenses.

By the way, I enjoyed your website Mr. Morrison.  Nice work.

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When you get a value of, say, +8 this is actually 2 components. The part to tune the camera error and a part to tune the lens error.

the camera part remains consistent for a camera but varies for each lens fitted to that same camera.

if we have Lens A that needs an adjustment of +9 this could be +1 for the cameRa and +8 for the lens. Lens B  may show an adjustment of -6 on the same camera, this would be +1 for the camera and -7 for Lens B.

changing cameras does not change the value for the lens, only the value for the camera body and using the above example with a new body that is e.g +5 adjustment we would have a value of +13 (5+8) for lens A and -2 (5+(-7)) for lens B.

this shows that you have the same variation, just shifted. You cannot go from no variation on one body to large variation on another body for the same set of lenses - unless the technique is not consistent

thank you for the compliment, I had to take an awful lot to get these few good ones

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