Did I make a mistake? (Pentax K-5iis vs Nikon D7100)

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For portraits, learn lighting

Aidan Gibson wrote:

What I really wanted was a Camera with decent autofocus and good low light capabilities which the K-5iis has. I have done some sports of the local soccer team but I normally do portraits. I just wanted to know what i loose in the K-5iis except for the crop-ability. Is there anything else that I loose?

You don't have the lenses for sports...sounds like you never have.  To do sports properly, you'd need at least a 70-200/2.8 and preferably a 300/2.8 w/ TC.

If you shoot portraits, learning lighting is more important than the camera body.  I still use a K20D (ancient compared to your K-5IIs) and it still produces great results because I have full control over lighting.

As for your other question on the D7100, if you really are that bothered, scrape together $150 and do a weekend rental from LensProToGo or BorrowLenses or some other local store to you and try it with whatever lens you think you'd use.  See how you like it.  Then you'll know for sure instead of asking like this.

You had your K-5IIs for a while if the D7100 was announced after you bought it.  You have to factor in the time you had w/ the K-5IIs out taking pictures instead of waiting for the next big thing.  It's like a computer...everything changes every few years and everyone leapfrogs everyone else.  Personally, I'd be ticked off if I bought the D600...the D7100 has a much nicer AF system and doesn't have the dust bomb issue though the D7100 seems to have some sort of sensor blooming issue that's covered in the Nikon forum, so Nikon's crappy QC system is still letting bugs through

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