Pentax K-x vs Pentax K-01

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Re: Pentax K-x vs Pentax K-01

OpticsEngineer wrote:

"I do very much people (portraits) and streets"

I guess I would be thinking about how important focus speed is for the way you shoot.  The K01 has decently fast AF, but not as fast a regular DSLR.   When it focuses, it goes through focus and then comes back into focus.  And it is not the easiest camera to carry for long periods of time.  But the image quality is excellent.

The K-01 (like other mirroless cameras - Oly E-P2, E-M5, etc.) uses CDAF for focusing, not PDAF as found in dSLRs.  As a result, it will hunt more when used with a lens not optimized for CDAF.  You just have to accept that and work with the K-01.  I have the K-01, K-30,Oly E-M5, etc.  Just understand the advantages of each camera.  You'll enjoy them more that way and worry less about AF speed.

BTW - Unlike the K-01, the Oly E-M5 has m43 lenses specifically made for it - hence, they are optimized CDAF lenses.  This is why the E-M5 is lightning fast with AF.


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