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El Wray
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Re: backup strategies

My backup system isn't sophisticated, but it's simple and works for my needs. For me, simple wins out because it means I'll actually do it.

I have my pictures on three drives: the PC's internal drive, an external USB drive always attached the PC, and another USB drive which I keep off site.

I use FreeFileSync to keep the drives synced and up-to-date.

FreeFileSync is fast and easy, so I can quickly update the always-attached USB drive frequently. It compares the two drives (or folders if you prefer) and only backs up new or changed files.  It's a neat little piece of software.  It's so easy and quick to use, I find myself running it a lot- which is good.

In addition to the always-attached USB drive,  every so often, I bring the off-site drive home and update it too.

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