Pentax K-x vs Pentax K-01

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Re: Pentax K-x vs Pentax K-01

I have both. I have hardly used my K-x since I bought the K-01, but that might change.

Advantages of the K-01 are: video (as mentioned in this thread), accurate focusing even with large apertures (as long as there is enough light), MF becomes a viable option again, it has better image quality (sensor, 16 MP, no mirror slap, ...). Its battery is better than the AA's if you do video (else I prefer the AA's).

AF is OK for non-moving targets but for anything else it's no match for the K-x. Composing is hard in bright daylight, you don't see much on the LCD then. The K-01 ergonomics are a bit awkward and the menu options are less advanced than those on the K-x.

But, as said, it's more accurate in its focusing, and focus peaking is really great (also for macro). I can do f/1.4 now and get sharp pictures.

You should see the K-01 as a complement of your DSLR, not as a replacement, unless you're only shooting static objects.

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