Manifest against publishing boring/useless pictures

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Manifest against publishing boring/useless pictures

If you are sensitive/easily offended, please don't proceed.

This comes from this thread, started, I think, in the wrong forum:

what mainly constitutes a good photo?

Here is what I want to say:

peevee1 wrote:

Jere Landis wrote:

I know this is an equipment forum, but photography is about taking pictures, right? If we weren't taking pictures, equipment discussions would be moot, so pictures are the heart of photography, it's the ultimate goal. When you first look at a photo, could be mundane, very average, above average, and finally it could be striking, a wow photo. What determines this wow factor for you personally? There are many things, right? The moment you see it though, it grabs you and you think,"gosh, that's really good". It can be any type photo too, portrait, landscape, still life, or whatever. How many factors come into play and what would you say is the leading or top factor that puts the icing on the cake, makes it really good, rather than average?

I guess it differs between different people, but for me, the following are criteria of a good photo, in the order from most important to least important:

1) Interesting subject

2) INTERESTING subject


4) Good composition FOR A PARTICULAR VIEWING MEDIA - size/form/viewing distance (inclusion of context which makes subject more interesting, exclusion of elements which distract from the interesting parts of the picture, size relationships between objects in the picture, perspective etc)

5) Interesting parts of the picture sharp enough not to see any blur when viewing picture as a whole (not for pixel peeping), except...

6) ... when motion is an interesting element in the picture, and can be reflected with some blur of the moving parts.

7) appropriate color.

8) small unimportant stuff.

Yeah, I know, it is like "location, location, location", but repetition does not make it any less true. And of course what is interesting is subjective. For example, a lot of people obsess with context-free head-and-shoulders ("pimple-and-nose hair") pictures of strangers, I find this type the most horribly boring subject and composition which should forever be relegated to passport photos and police case files.

Other people love to take pictures of birds, insects and flowers, which would be absolutely fine with me if they would publish them exclusively in ornithology, entomology and botanics books respectively, but unfortunately they tend to litter with those pictures of very specialized interest (i.e., frankly, boring) all over  the Internet.

To illustrate, here is the usual boring and useless "hair-and-dandruff" made with some expensive equipment:

And here is one of the greatest pictures of all times:

Que the discussion of how stupid I am not liking <bla-bla-bla> and how equipment <bla-bla> could radically improve the first picture and noise, contrast, bokeh and rule of thirds and bla bla bla...

PS Why DPR forums completely distorts the post???

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