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Re: Lightroom Catalog makes life tricky

Jason Rickerby wrote:

I use a Synology 2-drive NAS (RAID 1) to store all my images. In turn, the Synology runs two backup jobs, to two USB connected drives. So effectively there 4 physical copies of my images. When I travel, I relocate one of the USB drives to another location, providing some protection in the unlikely event of a fire.

Lightroom on Windows does not want to store the catalog on a network mapped drive. I therefore have my catalogs on a local SSD on my PC, then run a weekly backup job to copy the catalogs, without the previews, to the Synology.

Given the OPs requirements, my method is not friendly for easily moving catalogs between computers. I suppose I could put the catalog on a USB drive connected to the PC, leaving the images on the Synology NAS.

It should be mentioned the the NAS can be a bottleneck with regard to ultmiate performance, but this is a trade off I live with for the peace of mind. I can also connect to the Synology NAS from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Sounds like a strong system. I think your needs are different from mine--I would like to move easily between my laptop and desktop for editing by using the external usb drives. I do like the idea of a networked NAS backup in addition to a backup on a 2nd physical drive.

I think the question for me is whether I can have the portability I want and still have a secure and automatic backup system. Maybe two external usb drives with the Lightroom catalog on the drive and one drive backing up the other, and then a NAS drive as a third backup that is physically separate from the two external usb drives?

Thanks for your help!


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