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Re: D7100 - Need some advice

Liiz wrote:

Thank you very much Whalligeo for helping me  with my focus problem.  I understand now.  One more question -  To switch of the respective modes, do you select the "release" option?

Hmmm. For a moment, I though maybe you were teasing someone else to read the book for you. Then I read it my self, and I now understand why you asked that question. What a terrible manual Nikon produces, and it reminds me why I never bother. Anyways, here goes, and I'm putting in page ref numbers to help you get acquainted.

On page 71, Auto focus is discussed. the is a small diagram showing a button. On page 3 there is a button indexed as 12 and 13. these cross reference with pages 71, 72, 74, 78, 155. Go to page 155 of the manual, and there you will find that button 12 on page 3 is used in conjunction with the main command wheel to change mode.

The book has a lot of useful info in it, but a right pain at times, and I can see how or why confusion creeps in so quickly.

I do hope that helps. Good Luck.

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