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What is the point of Photography?

Pikme wrote:

tedolf wrote:

No. 1:   Feet are chopped off and out of focus.

No. 2:   Table, chair are chopped off-no appearent effort at composition of drawings on wall.

No. 3:   Child in back is out of focus.

No. 4:   Wings are cut off and feet are out of focus.

No. 5:   Adult is chopped in half.

No. 6:  Now this one could be a good photo if you would frame it to eliminate the power lines.  Can be done in PP so this one is salvagable.

These photo's demonstate either a complete lack of understanding of composition or laziness on the photographer's part.

In either case, there is no point in owning a $1,400.00 camera if this is the level of effort you are going to put into your photography.

Other than the out of focus parts of the photo's, you  may as well have a point-n-shoot camera.



I think you know the 'rules' of photography perhaps, but you also miss the point sometimes of photography.

Well, what is it?

Until you answer that your comments below are without context and thus, merit.

Your comments remind me of those posts where people put up famous photos from well known master photographers (without names) and then the photos are ripped to shreds by people quoting all the places where the 'rules' were not followed.




You know what?

Every once in a while, the "Master Photographers" produced crap.

Usually, we only see their best work too.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the adult being chopped in half in #5 or the feet chopped off/OOF in #1.

Yes, there is a problem with the feet chopped  off in No. 1.  There are rules about where and how to chop off apendages.  The portrait photographers are well familair with them.

You can make a case that the adult chopped in half in No. 5 has a compositional purpose but the same can not be said for the distracting background.

In either case, it is appearent that the "composition" if you can call it that was accidental as the OP didn't seem to pay any attention to it in any of these photographs and that is the point I was making.......

which you missed in its entirety.

Or that the wings are cut off in #4 or feet OOF -- who cares about the feet??

Obviously, the OP didn't.

OMG, for years and years these forums insisted that ALL photos must have zero DOF,

Clearly an error.

now suddenly the forums are insisting that ALL photos have 100% DOF??

Not quite, photo's should have appropriate DOF for the subject at hand.

I suspect this may be a subtlety that escapes you.

There aren't 'rules' for photography;

I beg to differ.

So would my photography teacher.

So would anyone who teaches Graphic Arts of any type.

but there are effects -

Well, there are those too but they are different from the Rules of Composition.

the only reason to learn the 'rules' is to understand the effects.

Where did you get this idea from?

Effects are things like: soft focus, multiple images, grainyness, high key/low key exposure, colorization, poserization, etc.

None of those, "effects" are used in these photo's so obviously what we are talking about here is "composition".

Do you understand what  that is?

Then use the effects to get the results you want, rather than blindly follow some list of 'rules'.

I am afraid you have confounded "effects" with "composition" and they are two entirely different terms of art.

Having said all that, I don't actually like the first 5 photos personally because I don't like the processing and some are too blurry for me.  But photo #6 - when viewed in the larger size - I LOVE that one and I wouldn't ever dream of removing the power lines.  I think it is framed perfectly and love the processing.

Well to each his own, although this one had the most potential.

I notice that the OP's post did not get many "thumbs up" now, did it?

If we still had "thumbs down" I wonder how many it would have gotten?

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