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BigBen08 wrote:

I'm surprised more people are not attacked/killed by coyotes or mountain lions in the SoCal area. Especially small children. As I recall, several yrs ago a woman jogger was killed by a mountain lion at a wilderness park in Orange County. I live in the flatlands of the San Fernando Valley, and we occasionally see a coyote in our neighborhood.

There have been five (a sixth in 2004 was probably scavenging by a cougar of a mt. bike rider in Organge County who died from a heart attack) recorded in California since 1890.

#2 and 3 were here in Morgan Hill in 1909, a woman and child who were attacked by a rabid cat, both died of rabies. Seventy six year passed before the next attack in 1985. Since then, there have been three deaths from fifteen known attacks.

You need to remember that even in Los Angeles and Orange counties, there is a lot of undeveloped land. Much of what is developed tends to extend for a few miles on either side of major highways. In between are ranges of low hills with open areas, and the who region is surrounded by mountains. Which is largely what contributes to smog, trapped under an inversion layer until winds blow it either out to sea or inland.

You wouldn't believe it, but California is only roughly 10% developed; there is a *lot* of undeveloped land, especially in the central and northern parts of the state. And the critters never went away, just up the hill a ways, coming back down at night. Heck, all day long, judging from the deer/coyote/turkey/skunks/possum/... around here and down in the L.A. area where I grew.

People just don't pay much attention.

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