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This is an excellent question. I have had card failures on a trip. As someone says above, is it a dying market?  I suspect so.  Epson and Jobo (and others) used to make portable hard drives able to accept CF and SD cards to back up images.  I suspect that the reduction in the price of cards means people just buy more of them, but that does not provide a back up unless one’s camera has dual slots (or one takes a netbook).  Can one find them today; not that I have found. Epson makes a P-3000 Multimedia Storage Viewer, but at £350 it is more expensive than netbooks and with only a 40Gb HD is useless in the era of 24MP+ sensors.

I have a Jobo Ultra One Giga, which has a 80Gb hard drive, takes all the cards and is a simple back up device.  Is 80Gb enough? No, I wish they made at least 320, but they are no longer made.  It does not have an image view screen, but the simple screen does tell one that a back up is complete.  I have used it (and still do) in Patagonia, Peru, NZ, Europe and only last year in Venice.  It remains a key travel companion.   For me, not wanting to travel with a laptop, it remains an invaluable tool. Pity it is no longer produced.

So, what to do? Buy a camera with dual cards slots and lots of cards; possible, but not sound advice if you already have a camera. Buy an inexpensive netbook and portable hard drive; more bulk than is necessary.  Buy an ebay cast-off; reliability?

Anyone any other ideas?

Hope that helps.

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