5D MkIII + 7D?

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Re: 5D MkIII + 7D?

Just make sure that you get one with a late serial number or one which had the focus fix.  Originally, I had purchased two of these bodies when they came out and they both went back after the focus issues were ID'ed.  Later on I bought one in the 56xxxx serial number range and shot it for a couple of years without a single problem.  For me the 7d just had two many inconsistencies.  I had purchased a 7d and found that its AF and WB were just too flaky.  In single shot mode, I could shot serial images of a static object and each image had a different focus plane.  In continuous AF it wasn't much better especially with erratically moving subjects.  That body went back and the replacement was just as quirky.  Add on the fact that the VF FOV is relatively smaller and that made acquiring and tracking the subjects more difficult.  I'm not saying that the 7d is a bad camera - I've seen plenty of nice birding and some sports images that are pretty nice - it's just that with my lenses the 1dmkIII performed better and I liked other aspects better as well.

Incidentally, I just saw a 1dmkIII on FM for less than $1000.

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