Why Win8 will succeed. Or fail.

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Re: they could have two operating systems

Archer66 wrote:

Sean Nelson wrote:

Simon Garrett wrote:

We had a computer support guy that said things like that.  We didn't fire the users, we fired the support guy

Yep, IT people often think the users are supposed to make their job easier, when the reality is that it's the other way around.

You can see a very similar attitude in many of these posts...

So it's ok to keep incompetent users ? Hope hospitals dont think the same about doctors.

Archer, you totally missed the analogy, or you simply twisted it to make your point.  Like software is supposed to serve the users (versus the other way around), doctors are supposed to serve the patients.  The correct analogy would have been "So it's ok to keep incompetent users?  Hope hospitals don't think the same about the patients."  Well, I for one hope hospitals DO keep incompetent (i.e. sick) patients!

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