The price of the SD1M is still way too high!

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There are no Choices, Pentax Tokina more Two camps

Greetings people

Well you have no choice if you want the Foveon and it's different look.  If it wasn't for the Foveon where would Sigma cameras be??  Pros don't spent money on a system that seems to be going no where  even the most die hard Foveon people are buying into different systems.  Their prices are way to high for all their cameras.  There are very few pros who use their resources on two camera systems.  They use what works with fast repair times and build quality.

Pentax is talking with Tokina I believe about making lens for them.  Rumor has it you may see a Pentax FF and they need lenses for it or a Pentax mirrorless  camera.

There was a suggestion from someone inside Foveon a few years back that Sigma build a camera with a lens mount of the buyers choice.  Sigma did build the Kodak 14n and the 14c you order the mount, but that was vetoed by Sigma Japan.

I said this before and I'll say it again the lens dept. of Sigma is holding up the camera end.  Sigma never said anything when they discontinued their film cameras.

If Sigma wants to make it they need to produce a mirrorless  camera like the Olympus OM-D at a $1000 US dollar price.  Sink or swim the market is getting tight the lens division of Sigma can't carry the camera division forever.

As for me I not buying any more DSLR's or lenses from any one.  Like a lot of people here I'm moving to smaller lighter cheaper cameras.  The IQ is so close now that it's hard to tell the difference unless your doing gallery size prints.  You'll never see the difference on the web or in prints up to 20-24, maybe different color but that's all or if you pixel peep all the time.

Most of the ads I see are shot with different cameras using Sigma lenses even the Sigma "Pros"  do not use the Sigma cameras except for me.

I hope the Foveon lives on but who knows.  There are two camps the Foveon sensor and The Sigma cameras the sensor is great and the cameras..........well you know the answers to that, but I'm very hopefully and will keep using my Sigma gear till it dies.  I'll be working on my own projects this year using mostly my Sigma gear and for the record I like SPP it works fine I will not corrupt my Foveon images using a program designed for a Bayer sensor.  Then they all look the same.

My business cards read "You have to be different to be better"  I've build a large volume of clients using this model, it's gotten me through 38 years in the business so why stop now ie.  Foveon. Although this is my last year in the business full time,  I moving into retirement.  I'm still shooting but only for me and a few friends.  Photography has changed a lot and it's time to go while I still at the top of my game.  Sigma needed to change. I like to shoot my Sigma's against the Nikon and Canon guys just for fun. Just to get under their skin although I have a Pro standing with Nikon Canon and Pentax.

Have fun


Roger J.

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