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Re: A58?

Where is the evidence for this? You're making these claims, but what I always say: that which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.

Imaging Resource studio shots. Less smearing in the red channel, a hair less noise, but above all better detail retention and less artifacts at higher ISO's.

I was not aware that the imaging resource Comparometer included the A58. So I went to take a look. First thing I checked, Still-life 1600. I'm seeing the A58 resolving more detail in some parts and less detail in other parts. I'm seeing more noise from the A58.

Same deal with the Still-life 3200 comparison. I'm not trusting the focusing at this point...

Only the still-life series are available for comparing. Do you have any other side-by-side comparisons? Something that does not involve judging by looking at a picture that is only available from one camera, because that would only be meaningless speculation and wishful thinking.

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