Finally got to see the G1X,G15, and S110 in person

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Re: Finally got to see the G1X,G15, and S110 in person

Marco Nero wrote:

Lars:  Don't forget that in AUTO-Mode, the G1X DOES switch to Closeup Mode if required and it does so without you needing to press the Closeup Mode button.  I'm guessing you know this and I'm not sure if this is at all helpful but perhaps when shooting underwater it might be handy.

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Marco Nero.


thanks for commenting. Yes, I am aware that in the Auto Mode the camera switches automatically to macro mode.  However, that also means you cannot do exposure compensation, shoot in RAW (underwater an absolute necessity since the chances that you have to adjust WB are very high) or use the underwater scene mode that would take care of some of the WB problem (up to max. 10m depth, I would say). So, therefore it is not really of help, it rather makes me even more agitated, since it shows that the camera can do it, but Canon did not bother to incorporate it into a setting menu for other modes.

Since you seem to have some kind of information channel into Canon, have you heard if Canon is planning to supply us with a Firmware update at any point, or have they given up on the G1X? If you know I would appreciate your comment.



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