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Re: Sony provides so much more!

heheheh. Mike you're too much. Reminds me of that guy IcyVeins that used to come here. Let me ask you something serious. Well sort of serious. Do you really think anybody over about 16 years of age believes we are soothing wounds, not liking it, having temper tantrums, etc? Really? Do you really think anyone is really taking your posts seriously?

Arrogant. You think that your 16 years automatically qualifies you as being superior no matter what is being said. You don't know what I know. But it's quite common knowledge to find a few very arrogant people in forums like this. With the sense of entitlement, and superiority complexes. What I did is I pointed out a number of things and good reasons why the Sony is a better choice for new buyers, and you're just doing anything you can think of to distract away from those features. That's actually a form of a straw man fallacy. You are in fact, making straw man arguments here. You change the subject, and then you attack that. Pretty weak for someone with "16 years of experience".

Secondly, really why all the AA battery images in your gallery here? Were you having focusing difficulties with your new camera? Were you trying to fix it by tuning it? Thats a lot of battery shots. Come on, come clean about it. I'm curious.

Again with the straw man. So what if I have a battery test in my gallery? What the heck is  your repeated obsession with pointing that out? Does it offend you having these shots there? It's my gallery. Those images were about trying to find out what is causing a back focus. Interestingly enough, there was not one single person on this entire forum that actually gave the correct answer on it.

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