Most Compact 1.4 Lenses (with Adapter Included)?

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Re: Most Compact 1.4 Lenses (with Adapter Included)?

ProfHankD wrote:

In summary, I think the extra bulk of one slightly larger adapter -- which can be shared by several lenses -- is a tiny price to pay for the lower cost and FF capability of FF SLR lenses.

depends on your use. if you only are using one lens the difference between a rangefinder lens and slr lens is quite large (closer to an inch than fractions of an inch). i don't usually go out with all my lenses i usually go out with the lens and camera in one coat pocket and maybe a second lens in the other coat pocket. rangefinder lenses make this possible.

Mel Snyder wrote:

The 35mm f1.4 pre-aspheric is tiny, but the price today isn't. Try $2500. I was stunned when I looked it up to add it to my insurance, now that it's my standard lens on the NEX-6 and will regularly leave home...

yeah, prices are crazy. it's a pretty awesome lens though and can be found around $1500-$1700 if your willing to get one with some wear on the body. what hood is that by the way and how is it attached?

ChangshaNotes wrote:

NEX-7 with the Vöigtlander Nokton Classic 40mm ƒ/1.4 MC. A heloid adapter allows for much closer than .7m focusing.

yeah, think this is probably best value if you want compact and f/1.4. the voigtlander 35/1.4 is more expensive and not as good a performer.

my current favorite is even smaller, but only f/2, the leica 40mm f/2 summicron:

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