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Re: At some point, you will want the 1D body type

Freeman-Jo wrote:

qianp2k wrote:

+1.  After studied several months I picked up a lightly used 1D3 in Nov '09 over 7D despite spent a few hundred more.  Never regret a bit.  Although 1D3 is only 10mp but I have no problem to crop 1D3 photos to 100% and usually I don't crop my 60D photos more than 50%.  The difference is not just fps or buffer but overall speed and lag/refresh time.  Although I also own 5D3 now, but I still feel 1D3 AF is faster (lens' lock-in speed) probably due to its more powerful battery that drive lenses faster. 10fps and 30-raw buffer in 1D3 (that only can leverage CF card speed to around 300x and will not take advantage of fast UDMA CF cards) are much faster than 6fps and 15-22 raw buffer in 5D3 (I used fastest 1000X UDMA 7 CF).

IQ side, 1D3 generates well-known pleasing photos with creamy and smooth look.  And it doesn't have banding or at least not that easy to show banding compared to 5D2 and even 5D3 in my experience.  I found 1D3 is also an excellent portrait and studio camera provided you can live with 10mp size as it produces very pleasing look and very nice skin tone.

1D3 does very well in airshow to capture the critical moments.  I will take 5D3 in one or two airshows this year to see if 6 fps and shallower buffer are enough to meet my expectation to capture critical and precise moments.  My copy of 1D3 never lets me down.


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The 1D3 at 10MP is very limited if you want to print larger than 12x18. Sure you won't get stuff like 20x30 at 300ppi but I had 20x30 print made from 20D before and that's 2MP less and it still look good.  I think it's depend of how sharp you nail that picture also.  The sharper it's, it will allow you to upscale it more thus printing large size is not so bad.  The one thing that 5D or 7D up to now regardless of what mark, it will never match the 1D in term of weather seal and rugged body.  I have heard that 1D will not have problem shooting in place like Alaska but even 5D3 will have some trouble.  And yes, the 1D battery is what drive the lens motor faster.

1D3 generates very sharp and pretty clean photos even at ISO 1250 as shown in below links.  I usually don't print photos.  I have a few 1D3 studio and portrait photos print to 19x13" (the max size my PixmaPro 9000 prints that looks very nice.



I don't use 1D3 in landscape shots but in wildlife, airshows (and will attend at least one motor sports show this year with 5D3 and 1D3), portrait such as the one below in my Alaska trip last year (I used a bit too faster shutter otherwise it will be even better).  1D4/1D3 still can AF at F8 with TC BTW (while waiting 5D3 firmware update by end of April to support that feature).

1D3 + 500L with 1.4x TC III

Sure 1D/1Ds/1Dx seriies bodies always more robust than 5D/7D series bodies.  Once you tried 1D/1Ds/1Dx series cameras, you'd not let them go as they balance so nicely in hands especially with long tele lenses attached

Yeah that moisture condensation in very cold areas such as northern Alaska, northern Canada and Antarctica will be a challenge to any cameras.  A certain procedure needs to follow to prevent cameras from damage.  After this year Africa safari (will carry 5D3 and 1D3) my next "adventure" will be in the Antarctica either next year or in 2015 that I definitely will bring a 1D camera (hope by then I will buy a used 1Dx) along 5D3 (that needs to be taken care very carefully).


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If picture worth a thousand words, how many megapixel is it?

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