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Re: Downgraded LCD for a58.

Archer66 wrote:

123Mike wrote:

Also, the A58 only has half the temporal resolution for video. 60i extracted from a 30p source, vs the A57 with 60p.

And the A57 also does double the burst rate, 10 fps full res, 12 fps cropped

Could not care less, my A58 should arrive in 3 days.

A58 can tether, A57 cant.

That's good for you. The reason why I'm hammering on it, is that I don't want other people to be disappointed with the things that would have disappointed myself. I care about smooth video. The A57 does it so much better than my previous A33. I want to send a message home to Sony that tells them "hey, perhaps we should have given the A58 60p video, because people do care about that". I think this is a very silly mistake on Sony's part. I'm convinced that it is merely a software issue, because it does not take more cpu cycles to extract HD resolution from 20mp vs 16mp. It's just line skipping anyway, that they use.

But what I would really like to know, and I can't find *any* sample of this on the internet, is if the 60i video is an interlaced representation of a 30p recorded source, or if it's truly 60i in the sense that each other field is from another 1/60 segment. What I'm after is, is the temporal resolution 60 or 30 fps? The 60i output from the A33 is 30 fps for instance,

Would it be possible, when you're camera arrives, to make a 5 to 10 second recording in 60i that does a smooth constant slow panning motion, and make the raw MTS file available for me to download somewhere? It would answer this really nagging question.

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