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Re: Backup camera for Africa

Good advice-thanks.  Some one else suggested getting a second D800 (actually if I went that route I would probably get the D800e).   But I do like the idea of a lower weight camera and I do have carry on weight restrictions which has to be considered.  I'm very tempted to get the 7100 and the new 80-400 lens.  But I also really like the 300 2.8 with a TC (used it in Costa Rica) but that is a much heavier/more expensive lens than the 80-400 and less convenient/flexible.

It is nice that the 7100 uses the same battery so I think that might be my second choice rather than the D600.


joneil wrote:

If you can at all, get another D800.  many of the suggestions on this thread have talked about some very good camera bodies, but the point is, even inside the same brand, form one model number to another there are enough differences to drive you nuts.   Different batteries, different chargers for the batteries, different settings for shooting, etc, etc.  Two matching bodies is really a lot easier in any situation.

This is not something new, it goes back to the days of film SLRs, something the old guys taught me.  In situations where you don't have much time to think about shooting (say sporting events, or even moments on a trip like yours), you want to concentrate on your subject first and foremost.

There was one exception - way back in the days of film ( you know, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, etc    ),  some guys used to shoot both colour and B&W film at the same time.  In those situations, a person would load one camera always with colour, and the other different body with B&W film, and this was how you told the difference.   A modern equivalent of this would be if you had an infra-red modified camera, then you shoot two different bodies for sure.

If you cannot get another D800, or cannot afford one, in full frame, look at a good used D700.  Different battery and card, but the thing is built like a tank.   The D600 has, IMO, better images, but the auto focus is not as good, and personally I find the D600 is a "delicate" camera, not a body to stand up to abuse in the field.   In the DX bodies, the older D300s are tough, and the new D7100s are pretty good too.  The advantage with the D7100, or even a D7000, is they use the same batteries

One more thing - when on a trip like this, you never, ever, ever have enough SD (or CF) cards.  Ever.  Trust me

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