Spoiled by a sensor....(G5 vs GH3 (and GH2))

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Re: fz200

Mahmoud Mousef wrote:

eagle_I wrote:

Here's the link to the slo mo video I'd wanted to try to shoot with the GH3.  The FZ200 made it easy not only for providing lens needed, but it also has 120fps slo mo capture capability built-in.

Hummingbird feeder close-up in slow motion 2:26min

No teleconverter attached to the cam?

I've attached my old Oly TCON-17 to the FZ200, but for the hummers it was the "Wide" end I wanted ... which makes me think ... I also have the WCON-? wide-angle add-on lens (I forget the #), but now I'm gonna try sticking it up front and see what happens.

I've been tempted by the FZ200 and you've just added to my gear lust.

Gear LUST?  Is that a typo or craving of a gear addict?  I'm usually conservative in praise of gear and just try to pass on my experience with it.  The FZ200 (tho not without some quirks) has pleased me so much I've become a flag waving fan of it.

Incredible footage; at first it looks like it's computer-generated; probably because of the slow motion.

I'm new playing with slow motion and time lapse and I've also found speed can be changed in CS6 (by percentage) faster or slower.  I'm not sure if in that clip if I changed it or not.  In normal speed shooting I found manual set shutter speed changes has a pronounced affect on how the hummer's wing movement appears.  Kind of like a strobe sync action.  If shutter speed is fast like 1/250 the wings "stutter" and don't look at all natural.  Think that's part of what's happening in the clip.

Thanks for the positive comment on the hummers


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