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Re: Sony provides so much more!

Hey pal. Yes you're right. I do respect your choice. What Mike fails to understand is that most of us do not want or like all the features camera companies like Sony stick on these entry level cameras. And, it's not just Sony, but to argue brands based on these fairly un-used things borders on ridiculous. They stick all this stuff on point and shoots for Heaven's sake. These type things appeal to Instagram users and those who post to Facebook and Twitter.

Any company can add most of that stuff. Like I said, even point and shoots. They have green auto modes as well and scene modes. Most users never learn exposure and photography in general. I also think most of these type play things get used once or twice and are forgotten. Real Panorama photographers use panorama gear. Real HDR photographers shoot RAW and use good HDR software. Using these in-camera substitues produce poor imitations at best, I think. Moreover, the users often have little clue of what they did. I look at galleries and see these attempts.

Mike is a little strange if he thinks jealousy is here. I could buy several a57 cameras for the price of my last lens. I need good gear for what I do, not something to play with. Many of us also do. Most feature check lists are for people who aren't really photographers, in my opinion. They are for camera articles to discuss, or for non-photographers to have bragging rights on useless matters.

Oh well, sometimes the fanbois come out of the woodworks with such nonsense. It doesn't change today from being a beautiful day to go out and create great images. Mike can add to his AA battery collection maybe.

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Cheers, Craig
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