Red-Head lightning for portrait photography

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Re: Red-Head lightning for portrait photography

Thank you very much for all the info leecamera.  My CFLs claim a CRI of 90, I don't see a green spike, but even after K adjustment in post the colors are kind of muddy.  I wish I did have a Kino Flo budget.

It is the spot capability of the Red Heads that tempts me.  I can get a little better concentration of light for a CFL with a deep reflector, but then the size of the reflector puts a big "hole" in the light reflected by the umbrella.  And brighter would be nice.  I didn't realize just how low the output of a 45W CFL is until I tried mixing CFL with my strobes (which are economy strobes).

Heh!  The sun is in abundance here in Arizona!


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