Epson Ultrachrome inks have faded horribly

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Re: Prints stored badly faded badly...

I don't really know why you have been knocking my posts lately when I post something with a negative comment.  You did the same, and locked the thread, a few weeks ago when I said I was not pleased with Jon Cone's failed but promised timeline to bring his Claria Ink Thrift to the market.  You said it wasn't fair to knock him when he isn't a member here to defend himself.  He is in fact a member here and posted something else later that same day.

To say I probably printed the photo on non-Epson material just shows you didn't read my entire post.  The first sentence and the very few first words I CLEARLY stated I did in fact print on Epson canvas.  Thanks for coming out though.

Anyway, yes I realize many factors contribute to longevity.  But being behind glass in a plastic tote with some kids school work papers should hardly contribute to 30% + fade after 6 years when ALL Epson material was used.  So every print I've ever sold printed with Epson inks now concern me.  I pay a premium to use their "100+ year inks" and charge my clients accordingly.  Who looks like the fool if they start coming back to me?

I understand this may be an isolated incident.  I'm going to try to locate other prints from the same time period printed with the same inks and canvas and see what is going on before I become too furious.

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