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Re: troll much?

Bjorn_L wrote:

filling yet another thread with nonsense I see.

The OP asked about their purchase not for permission to help you validate yours.

So this is nothing but a off-topic troll by you.

to the OP:

The 60d is an excellent camera.  It has nice ergonomics, a nice bright view finder, dual controls for easier and faster access to the settings.  The Canon 17-55 f2.8 IS is a good lens.  Optically nice, f2.8 and stabilized.  I disagree with the earlier post saying to get a long telephoto instead of the fast prime.  Which one to get first depends on your shooting style and subject matter.

One thing worth noting is that even though the body is weather sealed none of the lenses you selected are sealed.  And the camera is not sealed without a sealed lens.  The only Sealed Canon lens in the normal/standard range is the 17-40 f/4 L which is only sealed if you attach a filter to it.  If sealing was a main concern you might want to expand your consideration to other brands which have more/better sealed options in the wide to normal range.

Thanks Bjorn for getting this thread on track.  I'll be able to borrow a telephoto whenever the need arises, and I don't think it will be often ..but we'll see.

I decided to leave the 500mm out of the purchase.  As I use the camera, I'll get a better feel for what other lenses I'll need.

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