R3000 problems and - no end in sight

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Re: R3000 problems and - no end in sight

As follow-up to my post last night.....

I started off the morning looking at the video posted above showing how to clean the pads and wiper blade.

I was very happy to see that, upon examination of my wiper blade, it was caked with ink and an extremely likely source of the ink destined to ruin my print.

Unlike the above video based on the R1400, I found the blade in the R3000 to be black. That wasn't a helpful color to let me know the blade was clean, however, it was no longer picking up ink when I dabbed it with a q-tip or paper towel stuck into a hemostat.

I printed 4 prints last night and they all globbed.

After cleaning the blade and sopping up as much ink from the sponge, I have printed 4 of the same prints this morning and none of them globbed.

It might just be that the R3000 requires a lot of TLC - which is a whole lot less expensive than going after a 3880.

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