Why Win8 will succeed. Or fail.

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Re: Windows will succeed - Win 8 is only the preview

Michael Firstlight wrote:

Is Windows 7 better for novice users on the non-touch desktops that are used to the classic Windows user interface? Yes, because those people aren't smart enough to hit a huge tile on the Metro desktop to know to get to the Windows classic desktop - this is the portion of the general population that are basically technically ignorant and also the same people that probably also inbreed.  Then there are those that are just too lazy to hit that tile or install a free utility that makes Metro (a crummy touch interface for a tablet no matter how you look at it) a moot point.


Congratulations!  You summed up every lame, condescending,  argument in favor of W8 in one paragraph.   So those that don't embrace W8 are novices, stupid, ignorant, lazy and inbred.

Way to go!  I think MS should hire you in their PR Department.  You make a great case for W8.  Spot on.

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