Buying advice... 5D3 vs. D6/800, 24-105 (canon) vs. 24-70 (canon, tamron)

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Re: Buying advice... 5D3 vs. D6/800, 24-105 (canon) vs. 24-70 (canon, tamron)

I would look at this a little differently. First of all I am a d800 owner and could not be happier. It is a truly excellent camera. If you bought one and the right lenses, you would be very happy. The same could be said for a 5D3. It too is an excellent camera and as long as you stay with either Canon or Nikon, you have the greatest chance of getting a first class rig and being truly happy with it.

But I would also suggest you figure out what kind of glass you would want. If you are a ultra wide angle junkie like me, the the Nikon 14-24 is very appealing and that could tilt your decision. If the 24-105 is really important then Canon might be a better choice. Not sure about that one, but I know the Nikon 24-120 is not so great. I use the 24-85.

I would not compare the d600 to the 5D3 because the d600 is not a professional camera and the 5D3 really is. The d600 may still have a flaking issue with the sensor material (if that is what it turns out to be) so I would be a little careful of that camera. Besides the AF system is a 39 point AF system and not the Cam 3500 (51 point AF system) which is top of the line and excellent. The 39 point AF system is quite small in the viewfinder. The d800 51 point AF system almost completely fills the screen in DX mode. That is kind of nice, but I almost never shoot DX on an FX rig.

I for one will only buy full frame cameras now. That is a big decision and one I suggest you contemplate right up front. If a smaller sensor design works for you then that changes the decision greatly. I think full frame sensors have a slightly different look than smaller sensors too. Now that I have a true professional camera, I am starting to get hooked on all the added control. Here is a big example.

I will never buy a camera that will not allow me to fine tune my lenses to the camera. This makes a HUGE difference if your glass is not quite spot on. I have dialed each of my lenses in to my d800 and the difference is startling. Particular with my 70-200 f2.8 and my 2x teleconverter. It is now very sharp and every time I go out to shoot now, I am very confident. The 5D3 does that too, maybe even a little better. To me that is a mandatory feature. The actual physical layout of Nikons and Canons are quite different, and if you handle both of them, you may end up preferring one over the other. I tend to make my decisions more on image quality than ergonomics, but it might be more important to you.

If image IQ is as important as it seems to be to you, I would suggest you look towards the pro end of cameras and match it up with really great glass in the focal range you need. Not cheap but a very worthwhile investment and one that gives you the greatest chance of great image quality. As you answer the different questions about all that stuff, I think your answer will become more obvious. With either a high end Canon or Nikon rig and the right glass, you cannot go wrong.

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