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Re: D7100 - Need some advice

Whalligeo wrote:

Liiz wrote:

How do I get correct focus?  Focus mode was AF-A and AF area mode auto.  I've updated from a D90 and there are so many more settings on the D7100 and I still haven't got to grips with them.

Yup see your dilemma. Lets just simple this up a little. Use AF-S for static scenes and AF-C for moving subjects. S=sets the focuses just the once, C = continually focuses ie the servo is continuously running to keep a moving subject in focus. (AF-A automatically swaps between these two modes and can get it confusingly wrong) Next, set the AF Area mode to Single point AF. This way you know for sure on what you are focusing on, and can make sound judgments as to how the basic camera systems are performing. Afterwards, start trying out the extra modes, particularly AF-C for inflight bird shots etc.

Hop this helps

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Thank you very much Whalligeo for helping me  with my focus problem.  I understand now.  One more question -  To switch of the respective modes, do you select the "release" option?

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