British homes are just too small

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Re: British homes are just too small

onechobeach wrote:

Has been looking at setting up a small home studio but now feels discouraged.

Wants to achieve the best results I can but all the reading I have done suggested you need a room at least 15 by 20 foot.

For Instance I have read that you need at least 6 foot separating your subject from your chosen backdrop to achieve that whiteout look without shadow.

Now my home is a small victorian terrace.

The Largest room is 12 x 15 foot and full of furniture.

So how much can you achieve in such a small space ?

Wants to focus on single person portraits/a self portrait project that allows me to learn some lighting techniques.

Has considered just using my two Canon 580 Ex 11 speed lights, a Lightbox and a reflector and stands . Feels it is not worth buying proper strobe lights as space is so limited.

What can you achieve in such a small space ? Advice appreciated.

Thanks, Phil

The room I use is 15x15 with a 7 foot ceiling.  I have one wall with nothing, so you'll have to move the furniture to set up background sands.  The subject can be 5 feet away. The room should not have windows or at least no influence from outside light that could mess with the exposure or you have to cover that window.

you can look at mono lights that are more compact instead of a separate pack and heads.

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